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Easy-to-use and secure platform that provides a simple solution for your email signature needs.

Genie Email Signature

Why Choose GenieSign

A well-crafted email signature is an important part of your business’s identity. The reason is that your personal brand and your company’s brand language must be consistent. Time that may be spent on more important duties is wasted when you try to establish a sign-off on your own.


Email disclaimer rules must be strictly enforced over the world. To ensure that every email is in compliance with email standards, include dynamic email disclaimers.

Brand Protection

On every email, protect your brand's identity: When sending emails from any device, including mobile phones, you'll get full, dynamic and professional email signatures.

Central Control

No more relying on users to keep their signatures up to date: With our cutting-edge signature maker, you can centrally design and control every email signature.

Inter-departmental Transfer

Make the lives of your IT staff easy by transferring complete authorization and control to your company's other departments (such as your marketing department).

Powerful Marketing

A promotional banner in an email signature can help to raise awareness of a company, its products, and its activities by allowing recipients to click on it.

Increased Brand Awareness

Use a company signature in emails to stand out to customers and partners. Thus, everyone who uses an email signature promotes the company's brand.

Our Features

Works across various platforms

Generate and implement neat, professional email signatures in the platform and email client your business uses. GenieSign works in Gmail, Google Suite, Office 365, Outlook, and Apple mail, with more integrations and extensions coming

Genie remembers you
User friendly interface

User friendly interface

Generating email signatures has never been easier. GenieSign’s user-friendly interface understands your needs and works to fulfil those needs in an efficient way, in addition to this, GenieSign’s UI increases user engagement because your loyalty and preferences are very valuable for us.

Multi-lingual support

Whether you need your email signature in English or in Arabic GenieSign has got you covered – just select the desired language and fill in the data, the rest is GenieSIgn’s work, it will generate your signature according to your needs

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

The information you include in your email signature is highly targeted and valuable user data. GenieSign guarantees all your sensitive data is safe and secure. We will never use the information you provide in your email signatures to market to you, construct user profiles about you, or sell your information.

How it Works

We boast our user friendly interface because we believe in providing our customers solutions that will make their lives easier.

Signature Generation

Fill in the information you wish to be displayed on the signature in just a few clicks and create your signature.

Setting up

Set up your email signature on your preferred email platform - Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, Apple Mail.


Centrally manage all email signatures in your company through a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Select a Template

Choose from our wide array of templates to get you started.

Enter your Details

Fill in the information you wish to be displayed on the signature.

Add social media

Add links to your website and/or social media platforms for recipients.

Customize your Signature

Choose different colours and fonts to customize the template selected earlier.

Upload your own images

Add a headshot or logo and place it on the signature as you please.

Create a personalized CTA

Add a personalized call to action to promote your brand or events.

The GenieSign Promise

Quality in Everything

Professional email signatures across multiple platforms.

Easy to use

Smooth generation, smooth integration

Central Management

Centrally manage all email signatures.

Technical Support

Round the clock technical support available.


Up to 5 users

  • Limited Signatures
  • Send signature through email
  • Support through email

Basic Plan

$ 2 /User/Month
  • Unlimited Signatures
  • Send signature through email
  • Manage company users
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Note: On the first of every month, you will be billed for every user you have registered with us.

GenieSign Works With

Please click on ‘Read More’ to view user guides on how you can set up your email signature on your preferred email platform.

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