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Frequently Asked Questions

A well-crafted email signature is an important part of your business’s identity. The reason is that your personal brand and your company’s brand language must be consistent. Time that may be spent on more important duties is wasted when you try to establish a sign-off on your own.

Yes, you can create email signatures for your whole organization. You can have up to 5 free signatures. You will get charged for each starting from the 6th signature.

Yes, we provide a selection of templates that will meet your requirements. If they don’t meet your requirements, you can create your own customized signature.

1) Enter your details to populate your signature

2) Add your social media links in the ‘social’ tab

3) Customise your design preferences in the ‘style’ tab

4) Click the ‘create signature’ button

NOTE: Your signature is saved each time you click the ‘create signature’ button. This allows you to create your signature, then come back and edit it at any time as long as you use the same computer and web browser.

To add your new email signature to your email client, simply follow these steps:

1)  Click ‘create signature’ and a pop-up dialogue will appear.

2)  Click ‘select signature’ to highlight, and simply copy your signature to your clipboard using Ctrl + C on PC or command + C on Mac.

3)  Paste your new email signature into the email signature editor on your email client (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) Again, to do this use Ctrl + V on PC or command + V on Mac.

1) Go to and log in to your email account.

2) Click the cog in the top right corner, and select ‘settings’ from the drop down menu (see image below).


3) Scroll down until you reach the email signature editor, then paste your new email signature there. It should look a bit like this…

Signature pasted into Gmail

4) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘save changes’.

1) Open Outlook.

2) In the top left corner, click ‘file’ and then ‘options’.

3) From the ‘options’ menu, select ‘mail’.

4) Click ‘signatures’ and choose the signature you want to create/edit. 

5) Paste your new email signature and choose your preferences, then save your changes.

6) If you’re having problems, try copying the source code instead. Instructions on how to do that can be found at the bottom of this page.

1 ) In Apple Mail, click ‘mail’ and then ‘preferences’ in the top left corner of your screen.


2) From the preferences pop-up, click the ‘signatures’ tab.


3) Click the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the middle column.

4) Paste your new email signature into the right-hand column and close the pop-up window to save.

As the ‘select signature’ button is not available on mobile devices, copying and pasting your signature is a little different on mobile. Here’s how to do it:

1) On mobile, you need to select your signature manually before copying it to your clipboard. To ensure you highlight all of your signature — including all the styling codes — select the signature along with the line above and below your signature as in the image below. 

email signature selected on IOS

2) Click ‘copy’ and then paste it into your email client’s signature editor. 

NOTE: Some mobile devices only paste text by default; IOS is typical of this. You must paste your signature, then shake the device to be given the option to undo the formatting changes and ensure your signature looks the way you intended.