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Our upcoming features will revolutionize the industry


GenieSign Upcoming Features

Our email signature generation solution is about to get even better with upcoming features that include predesigned and customizable templates, social media handles, promotional banners, various integrations, and many more. These additions will provide users with greater flexibility and make their email signatures even more versatile and impactful.

Social Links

Direct links to your social media channels through social media icons in email signature.

Advertising Opportunities

Email signature advertising through promo banners, timed campaigns, and call-to-actions.

Outlook Integration

The plugin checks email addresses for authenticity and verifies them using blockchain technology.

Disclaimers and Notices

Protect your business from liability or demonstrate compliance with legal regulations.

Various Templates

Variety of creative, pre-designed templates for your preferences and business needs.

Custom Signature

Pick your own style, font, color palette, and customize your email signature.

Chrome Extension

Automatic updates of the email signature based on company policies and setup.

Company Dashboard

Improved management panel for centralized handling of company email signatures.