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Our Mission

GenieSign encapsulates the importance of email signatures for your business and provides a simple solution for your email signature needs.

Business Opportunity

Due to the growth of the digital era, email traffic has expanded dramatically, and emails are now the primary means of communication in business. This constant flow of emails between external users presents a chance for brand promotion via useful and well-designed email signatures.

Businesses can utilize this chance to advertise staff contact information, business events, product discounts, and tailored messages. Emails are a more personalized method of communication, allowing you to push niche and tailored messages directly to the end recipient.

Marketing Strategy

Distribution Through MSPs


MSPs can assume the role of intermediary that are capable of facilitating the marketing process and can connect products and services to end customers.



Organic and inorganic digital marketing with a heavy presence on social media as well as targeted ads through Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google.

Conferences & Exhibitions


Marketing to small and medium-sized enterprises will be done by participation in corporate events such as conferences and exhibitions.



Using real-life videos as well as doodly videos to demonstrate essential components and specs of a product will be an extremely effective marketing strategy.

Target Audience

GenieSign seeks to close the gap in the market that has been identified in the Australian and Middle Eastern markets, and to become the first company of its kind to focus completely on that particular market segment.

Our aim is to target small/medium sized businesses as well as Managed Service Providers (MSPs) while continuously striving to offer the product to a wider market and audience.