Investor FAQs

GenieSign was established in March of 2022.

GenieSign was established and registered in Perth, Western Australia.

Our short term goal is to target the Australian and Middle Eastern market and become a well recognised brand in this region. We believe in continuous improvement and moving forward with the world which is why improvisation is a key element in our development phase.

Our long term goals consist of expanding our operations to the European and American Market and offer our services to a wider audience. We also wish to enhance our product in our mission towards achieving continuous improvement so that we can achieve our ultimate goal of integrating Email Security with Email Signature through Blockchain.

To become an integral part of the email signature market and to provide our customers the highest quality email signatures. Our aim is to target Managed Service Providers and Small/Medium sized businesses as our preliminary target market with a capacity to broaden the spectrum in the near future.

Investor Contacts


Level 8 125 Murray Street Perth Western Australia