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Our Upcoming Product features will Revolutionizethe Industry.


GenieSign Future Features

Our email signature generation product is about to get even better with upcoming features that include customizable templates, social media icons, and the ability to add promotional banners. These additions will provide users with greater flexibility and make their email signatures even more impactful.

Advertising Opportunities

timed banners in signatures

Social Media Handles

Social media icons for users to incorporate their social media accounts in their signature


Disclaimers in email signatures can help protect your business from liability and ensure compliance with legal regulations.

Incorporating Image

Incorporating images in email signatures can add a visually appealing touch to your communication.

Various Templates

Various templates for creative signatures easily generated

Customizing Signature

Customizing signatures in terms of styles, colors, fonts

Personalized CTA

Personalized CTAs in email signatures can drive more conversions by directly engaging with the recipient and providing a clear call to action.

Company Dashboard

Improved company dashboard